Announcing the OEIS National Registry for Peripheral Vascular Intervention

The Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society (OEIS) Registry is focused on indications and outcomes measures for all office based endovascular and interventional procedures.

OEIS Overview:

The Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society (OEIS) is a non-profit society representing the interests of office-based outpatient interventional practices. OEIS brings together the vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and cardiology worlds of outpatient intervention!

OEIS aims to enhance, develop, promote, support, foster, provide, and advocate on behalf of cardiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and other specialists involved in office based endovascular or interventional procedures. Allied health members, related industry representatives and service organizations are also welcome.

What is the OEIS National Registry?

The OEIS registry is focused on detailed outcomes within Office Based Labs (OBL). The purpose of the OEIS registry is to promote quality in OBL's and to identify benchmarks for best practices within the OBL sector. It is designed for ease of use with intuitive and efficient entry fields.

OEIS will allow you to:

• Provide the highest quality of care to your patients using evidence based best practices.
• Benchmark your outcomes against national averages and other providers in your practice.
• Provide performance metrics for your practice.

Participating in the OEIS registry enables you to:

• Drive Quality Improvement
• Benchmark your practice against national and regional norms
• Compare providers in the same organization
• Improve Efficiency
• Develop a Practice Improvement Plan

OEIS Registry Site Sign-Up Form

OEIS Registry Payment Form (Your credit card will be charged again each month thereafter.)

OEIS NR PAD Terms and Definitions Reference (PDF) OEIS NR terms and definitions summary for members to print and use as a reference during data collection.
OEIS NR PAD Data Collection Worksheet V2 (PDF) Latest Version of the PAD Data Collection form for members to download and use. Please NOTE: This sheet is not comprehensive for all data fields in Registry.
OEIS NR PAD Data Collection Worksheet V1 (PDF) 2017 Version compatible with Syncrony 1 EDC.

Business Associate Agreement Form (PDF)

Membership Agreement Form (PDF)

Download/View a flyer (PDF)

Download/View Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

For further information contact OEIS at (888) 548-OEIS (6347)
or visit, or email us at