OEIS Membership


OEIS aims to Enhance, Develop, Promote, Support, Foster, Provide and Advocate on behalf of cardiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and other specialists involved in office based endovascular or interventional procedures. Allied health members, related industry representatives and service organizations are also welcome.

Enhance the safety, quality, and patient satisfaction of outpatient endovascular and interventional procedures.

Develop standards of practice for the operation of outpatient endovascular and interventional cases.

Promote education regarding outpatient endovascular procedures among the medical community and the public.

Support research on medical, financial and management issues of endovascular centers.

Foster collaboration and unity among multiple specialties, industry and service partners to advance this healthcare delivery model.

Provide a forum to share experiences and best practices among practitioners- Provide leadership on how this new, innovative healthcare delivery model integrates into our rapidly evolving healthcare system. - Provide a method to examine the financial impact of outpatient endovascular and interventional centers on overall medical expense and practice.

Advocate for outpatient endovascular and interventional centers with governmental bodies, insurance companies and industry in colaboration with the CardioVascular Coalition.

Advocate for its members as well as for access to care and improved patient satisfaction and outcomes in outpatient endovascular and interventional settings.
The Voice for Outpatient and Office Interventional Suites
For further information contact OEIS at (888) 548-OEIS (6347) or visit www.oeisociety.org, or email us at admin@oeisociety.org


Active - $350 annually - Apply Online
There are 3 pathways for Active Membership:
  • Pathway 1: Membership will be considered for physicians who perform procedures in outpatient endovascular or interventional laboratories. Candidates shall have certification by both a primary specialty board and an applicable subspecialty board which holds membership in the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists or the American Osteopathic Association and which have included endovascular procedures as an integral component of their training, including the
  • Pathway 2: Membership will be considered for physicians who:
    1. belong to practices which offer outpatient endovascular or interventional procedures and
    2. have at least one interventionalist in their practice who is an active Member.
  • Pathway 3: Physicians who do not clearly meet the above-stated criteria for Pathways 1 and 2 will be reviewed for membership by the Membership Committee on a case-by-case basis for possible qualification and approval by the Board.

Associate - $350 annually - Apply Online
Associate Membership will be considered for physicians who are interested in outpatient endovascular and interventional procedures but who do not currently perform such procedures, belong to practices which offer such procedures or meet qualifications of Active Membership.

Associate Membership will also be considered for non-physician individuals who are employed by or affiliated with corporations involved in providing outpatient endovascular and interventional procedures, or in providing goods and services for office-based cardiovascular procedures.

Corporate - $3,000 annually
Corporations who provide goods or services for outpatient endovascular or interventional centers.